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Cindy Morgan Cindy Morgan
Birth Name
Cynthia Cichorski
Place of Birth
Chicago, Illinois

Congratulations to G. Blake of Mobile Alabama and T. Estell of S. Bloomfield Ohio for winning the autographed picture contest! Your two most famous roles, as Lacey in Caddyshack and Lora/Yori in Tron, are quite literally worlds apart. How would you compare your filming experiences in these two classics?

Cindy Morgan: The filming experiences in these two films were as different as the roles themselves. Lacey Underall was a carnivorous female who went trolling for men like a great white shark on land at a golf course. Talk about the ultimate fantasy role for me after 12 years in Catholic school, shy (no kidding), and a little repressed. Lora was easy for me, I just kind of played myself, (minus the technical degrees and computer experience). Yori was a two-dimensional version of Lora. She had some of Lora's memory and personality, without the real-life experience.
Cindy Morgan
And the filming experiences were very different as well. The producers of "Caddyshack" took some of the greatest comic actors, and locked them up on a golf course in Forida with a bunch of relatively unknown (with the exception of Michael O'Keefe) young actors. I don't know what they were thinking, but soon the script was thrown away, and wild improvisation was the name of the game. And it worked. The "Tron" set was very different. Steven Lisberger had every shot planned, down to the last storyboard. It was always great fun on the set with Bruce and Jeff, but almost everything was shot on the Disney lot, and we were less inclined to behave like wild animals.

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