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Wanted Item:
Copy of the three deleted scenes. My only copy, from a network broadcast taped in the mid eighties, was marginal quality to begin with, and has finally refused to play. Please contact me at andyshupe<at> if you have these scenes on tape.
Caddyshack Deleted Scene
Caddyshack Deleted Scene
Caddyshack Deleted Scene
Caddyshack Sountrack
Columbia records 1980
Tracks: I'm Alright - Kenny Loggins, Lead The Way - Kenny Loggins, Make The Move - Kenny Loggins, Mr. Night - Kenny Loggins, Any Way You Want It - Journey, There She Goes - The Beat, Divine Intervention, Marina, Something On Your Mind - Hilly Michaels, The Big Bang.

Availability 3/5
(1 = very rare, 5 = very common)
CaddyShack Soundtrack - Front
CaddyShack Soundtrack - Back
Caddyshack LaserDisc
Warner Brothers 1980
Side One: Chapter 1 Career Advice from Ty Webb.
Chapter 2 Judge Smalls(sic) and the Gopher Alert.
Chapter 3 Carl: Caddy to the Dalai Lama.
Chapter 4 Bushwood Clubhouse.
Chapter 5 On the fairway with judge.
Chapter 6 Carl and the gopher.
Chapter 7 Fourth of July Dance.
Chapter 8 Carl; the ladies man.
Chapter 9 Pool Party!
Side Two: Chapter 1 Date night with Ty Webb.
Chapter 2 Ahoy, snobs!
Chapter 3 Carl: Masters Champion.
Chapter 4 Miracle-on-the-greens rainstorm.
Chapter 5 Snobs vs. Slobs.
Chapter 6 Bunny shaped plastic explosives.
Chapter 7 Grudge match x2!
Chapter 8 New Stakes.
Chapter 9 Winning is a blast!

Availability 3/5
CaddyShack laserDisc - Front
CaddyShack laserDisc - Back
Caddyshack CED VideoDisc
Warner Brothers 1980
Before VHS, before Beta, before even LaserDisc, there was CED. Although inexpensive, it is hard to find one of these VideoDiscs in decent condition.

Availability 1/5
CaddyShack CED VideoDisc - Front
CaddyShack CED VideoDisc - Back
Cindy Morgan Autographed Photos
Two autographed photos donated by and given as prizes to the winners of the February 2002 Cindy Morgan Contest. See accompanying interview.

Availability 0/5
Cindy Morgan - Pool Cindy Morgan - Chevy Chase
Scott Colomby Autographed Photos
An autographed promotional poster and a present-day photo signed by Scott Colomby (Tony D'Annunzio).

Availability 1/5
Scott Colomby Autograped Poster Scott Colomby Autograped Photo
Carl Photos
(1) 8x10 photo of Carl Spackler during the "gopher guts" scene. (2) Small card inserted into 19th anniversary videos.

Availability 5/5
Carl Spackler - Gopher Guts Carl Spackler - Insert
Caddyshack Movie Premier Ticket Stub
Ticket Stub dated Thursday, July 24, 1980.
Courtesy of

Availability 1/5
CaddyShack Ticket Stub
Caddyshack Lobby Card Set
These 14"x11" cards were handed out at select theaters during the premier of Caddyshack in July 1980.

Availability 2/5
Lobby Card 1 Lobby Card 2
Lobby Card 3 Lobby Card 4
Lobby Card 5 Lobby Card 6
Lobby Card 7 Lobby Card 8
Caddyshack Poster
Alternate lobby poster with the tagline "At last, a comedy that bites!".

Availability 2/5
CaddyShack Movie Poster
Caddyshack Press Kit
These ten photos were included in the official press kit given to the media by Orion in 1980.

The following articles were included in the press kit and are in .pdf format.

Caddyshack Production Information (45KB) | Four Comics Have A Ball (51KB) | Bill Murray Versus The Gophers (17KB) | Live -- From Hollywood (20KB) | Rodney Dangerfield (17KB) | Caddyshack Cast & Credits (21KB) | Addendum To Song Credits (14KB)

Availability 0/5
Press Kit Photo Press Kit Photo
Press Kit Photo Press Kit Photo
Press Kit Photo Press Kit Photo
Press Kit Photo Press Kit Photo
Press Kit Photo Press Kit Photo
Caddyshack 20 Page Brochure
Japanese brochure with photos and Cast/Credits

Availability 0/5

Page 1 Page 2
Page 3 Page 4
Page 5 Page 6
Page 7 Page 8
Page 9 Page 10
Page 11 Page 12
Page 13 Page 14
Page 15 Page 16
Page 17 Page 18
Page 19 Page 20