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Did You Know?
July 2003
Which of the following is not one of Danny's main duties at the dinner party?
Take food orders

June 2003
Where does Danny's father want him to work?

May 2003
Which of the following people were not in the Bishop's joke to Smails?

April 2003
Which of the following is the intended setting of Caddyshack?

March 2003
Which beverage is offered to Danny by the Judge?

February 2003
What type of vehicle does the Noonan family drive?
Station Wagon

January 2003
According to Danny, how many girls attended St. Copious?

December 2002
Which Zen philosopher once wrote that a flute with no holes is not a flute, and a doughnut with no holes is a Danish?

November 2002
Who is the hippy that splits his weed with Danny?

October 2002
Which of the following does Al not ask the parking attendant to do?
Grab my clubs

September 2002
Which of the following baseball teams does Lou bet on before he asks Danny to take over the caddyshack?
Mets and Yankees

August 2002
What brand of cereal is Danny eating when asked by his father if he's diabetic?

July 2002
Which college does Danny's mother want him to attend?
St. Copious

June 2002
What type of vehicle does the Noonan family drive?
Station Wagon

May 2002
How much does a hamburger cost at the refreshment stand that Maggie runs?

April 2002
Before the big money match, how many tees does Lou hold in his hand?

March 2002
According to Ty, a doughnut with no holes is a what?
A Danish

February 2002
According to the sign above the door in the caddyshack, courtesy equals what?     

January 2002
Which cast member made a guest appearance on the original Charlie's Angels?    
Scott Colomby

December 2001
How does Ty describe Carl's place in the garage?

November 2001
Whose condo was built by Czervic construction?
Chief of Police

October 2001
Who said, "I've often thought of becoming a golf club."?

September 2001
What were the bishop's final words?
There is no God

August 2001
What branch of the military was the Bishop in?

July 2001
Judge Smails requested that the entire pool be _____, sterilized, and disinfected.

June 2001
Whose foot knocked over the gumball machine in the Caddyshack?
Angie D'Annunzio

May 2001
What color was the golf ball that Al nailed the Judge in the crotch with?

April 2001
What were the first animals seen in the film (besides the gopher)?
Horses ridden outside Bushwood C.C.

March 2001
The bishop's 'miracle round' is a parody of what classic movie?
The Ten Commandments

February 2001
What item found in Spaulding's drink caused him to vomit?
A cigarette butt

December 2000
This sound made by Chuck Rodent is actually what animal?
A Dolphin

November 2000
What real-life country club was used for the filming of the Bushwood CC scenes?
Rolling Hills Country Club in Davies, Florida

October 2000
Give the band and title of the song played after Al tells the band to take lessons
Earth, Wind, & Fire - Boogie Wonderland

September 2000
Give the artist and song title of the 'silver wings upon their chest' song that Carl sings toward the end of the movie?
The Ballad of the Green Berets, by Sgt. Barry Sadler

August 2000
"What is the first musical instrument seen in the film?"
A guitar, seen on the Noonan family staircase

July 2000
When asked to find a replacement for Al in the big-money match, who did Ty first rule out as a possibility? (After Spaulding)
Sonja Henie

June 2000
For what occasion was the party held at Bushwood?
The Fourth of July

May 2000
Who gave Carl his license to kill gophers?
The Government of the United Nations

April 2000
What street does Ty live on?
Briar, 2

March 2000
Who are the gopher's allies, his friends?
The harmless squirrel and the friendly rabbit

February 2000
How much water is Carl going to pump down the gopher's hole?
15,000 gallons